Hi all, I’m new here in this forum.

Hi all,

I’m new here in this forum.

I recently ordered a simple pcb milling machine from ebay. The apps I found on the net, to do the milling, was quite primitive and unflexible. Until I found ChiliPeppr. Exactly what I wanted! One tool for the entire process, and developer friendly too.

As my machine has an integrated grbl based controller, I used the grbl workspace and then moved to jpadie to match grbl 1.1. I got my machine working. But to get a simple pcb done was a struggle. My experience in one word: unreliable. So, as I am a web developer, I checked out how to debug and discuss the problems with you - the community, or maybe fix them myself.

But with the grbl or jpadie workspace, I found no way to trace the code I run back to a version in git. Neither the workspace nor the widgets have the commands Fork in github, that can be found in the tinyg and sample workspaces. For the widgets I can fork in jsfiddle, but not for the workspace.

So I have an unreliable workspace with unknown code origin and version, that I may play around with. But what should I do with my fixes?
Or is there a safe way to find out the origin on github of the code I run?

I really appreciate how simple it is to hack away with the code, but I would prefer to put my results of this in a github pull request, as is the normal process for most open source projects.

All the widgets are loaded from repos online and the core widgets are easily forkable. Including the workspace.

You can’t fork the whole of chilipeppr though. There is a skin that does the loading that is static. Of course you could capture the whole rendered/execd code and use that yourself.

If you have issues with unreliability then perhaps create a post here. For my part of gave up on milling after a couple of months with a cheap device during which I could not get a single board milled successfully. I still support the jpadie workspace but get my pcb fabbed in China as I did before buying the mill.

Thank you!
How do I find the Github repos and versions of the current jpadie ws and widgets?
I will give my mill a chance and then report the software problems I find.

The workspace and core widgets are all in my github. (/jpadie).

You can get the other widgets by examining the workspace code for the loader URLs.