Hi all, I just installed my Cohesion mini into my k40 yesterday and all

Hi all, I just installed my Cohesion mini into my k40 yesterday and all went well.
I also installed LaserWeb4 on the computer I use to control the laser however when I click on settings the screen stays at whatever screen I was on prior to clicking on settings. The settings button is highlighted on the left hand side but the screen does not change to settings. I was able to get the program to work on my laptop but not on the computer I use for my laser. I’m running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on my laser computer. I looked around but couldn’t find anyone with the same issue. I would really appreciate it if anyone had any ideas. Thanks

Oh and I uninstalled and reinstalled Laserweb4 several times but still no luck. Thanks again.

What version of LW you have?

Hi Ariel, I have tried 4.0.733-79, 4.0.732-78, and 4.0.731-68 and all have the same result.

@Walter_Manning in the About section at the bottom there is an option to " Restore to factory defaults" can you try that please (mind that all settings will be lost ).
Also have you tried the WebGL test from the other post? Please do so

I had already tried the restore to factory defaults and that had no effect on the situation. I also ran the Webgl test and the video plays but very very jerky (it says .4 fps).

@Walter_Manning ​ there has being situations where this helps but we do have some other users ( 1 more ) that had an unresolvable issue on windows 7 in particular. Not sure if this is windows or driver related.
Try the hosted version please https://laserweb.github.io/LaserWeb4/dist/

I was able to connect to the page and access the settings page on that but it will not recognize my USB connection to my laser.

in other words I can get to settings on the hosted version but there is no USB option under Comms Machine connection.

Could it be that the com port is in use?

For the hosted version you need to run the LW.Comms server locally to connect to!

IIRC doesn’t smoothieware need a usb driver installed for windows 7? check on http://smoothieware.org/windows-drivers for the required driver, maybe this will fix it.

@Joe Alexander - I have installed the drivers before installing LaserWeb.

@Ariel Yahni- under Comms Machine connection the drop down only shows “No results found”. I only clicked on the link you gave me, am I supposed to have installed some sort of server software? I see instructions on installing LW3 but can’t find anything on installing LW4 Hosted version if that is what I will need. If that is the case could you please point me in the right direction. . . or did you just want me to click on the link to the hosted version to help you find the problem? Thanks

@Walter_Manning ​ my bad. Indeed you need to install a server for it to connect locally but that is a multi step process.

What kind of video card do you have?

I really appreciate all your time and help with this. My video card is internal and it’s an Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family. I’m running it on an old Dell a6010n with 4 gig of ram.

Video card could be killing you, that could also be the reason you get very low frame rate on the test. LW4 is very demanding on graphics.

Your other machine specs are?

I think you could be right. I tried running it on my son’s machine running windows 7 but with an updated graphics card and it ran no problem. The computer I am using has a core 2 duo 1.8 GHz 2 cores, 4 gigs of ram and the graphics card I mentioned. I have been using it as my laser computer for about 2 years but have been running coralLaser on an original k40 board. I upgraded this week to the cohesion mini (smoothie) and was hoping to run LW4. If I upgrade my graphics card do you think it will run on this computer? Thanks

@Walter_Manning Most surely it will, just don’t spend to much on it. Make sure you get the correct interface slot.
Newer solution demand lots in graphics

Sounds great. I’ll just replace my graphics card. Thanks again for all your help and time. I really look forward to using LaserWeb4 and I’ll let you know how it works out (although I’m sure you are right and the graphics card will rectify the situation). Thanks again.

Bad news. since I was able to run LW4 on my son’s machine (also a core 2 duo) I thought I would take his video card to and put it in mine to test. The card is a GT 430 1 gig. I know this is an older card but LW4 was able to run on my son’s machine with it. I put it in my machine and had the same problem as before. The “setting” page would not show. Are there any other possibilities? Sorry to be such a bother but I am stumped.