Hi all I have been testing chilippr with my small 3d printed cnc (GRBL)

Hi all
I have been testing chilippr with my small 3d printed cnc (GRBL) and I must say that I am very impressed with the way it works.

I really like the autoleveller it looks really great and I like the exaggerate matrix option also a big thanks to GRBL people for implementing it.

I wonder if you can give some pointers/links on how to implement new buttons, edit existing buttons, I can see great potential for this software if people can customize their workspaces.

Right now I would like edit what the “Run the probing process” button does and move the z axis up as soon as it has finished probing the matrix.


Hi Daniel, there’s a video that was posted a couple weeks ago about adding buttons to the workspace. There’s a sample macro on how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Giw4cW_qeIY

However, i think what may be best is for you to fork the auto-leveller and tweak it to your liking. Then you can send me the forked link and I could merge it to the main widget, or you could make your own workspace and just use your own forked version in there.

Thanks Jhon, I am going to try forking the auto-leveller, I will keep you posted.

Ok.thanks for heads up.

@Jarret_Luft thanks for your answer!
What I want to achieve is to move z to a safety height after the last probe.
I think it is going to be safer to start the the actual milling without having a e-stop activated(probing e-stop).

Do you think we can have this “safety position after probing” to be set by the user?
Some people may want to have this somewhere near the origin (x0y0z10) others in the changing tool position(x50y80z80) and so on.
Again for safety we may want to limit the “safety position after probing” to be greater than z=0.

Jarret ,
I have just run the autolevel job and I am afraid it is not issuing the G91 command after the probing the last point.
I have left "z final safety height"with the 15mm default and also I use a different one but no joy.
As you can see in my serial port console(picture below) no command is send after the autolevel job is finished.

PD: I have made sure that my Chrome browser was refreshed and I am using grbl workspace http://chilipeppr.com/grbl

hey Jarret
Just after writing my last message I realized you may have changed things on a test repo and not the stable one; So I looked up for your workspace(http://chilipeppr.com/jarret) and voila! it works like a charm from there.
Thanks for your effort!.
Just found out there is a chilipeppr google group which it is a better interface to discuss techy stuff.