Hi All, I have a very basic question.

Hi All,
I have a very basic question. In all sample the pins 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 are proposed to use the library fastled. It’s generic for all type of arduino.
But I use an arduino mega 2650, I have many other port available.
Can I use the pin 22 or 24? What is the type of port, PWM, Analogic?

Yes, you should be able to use just about any pin you want. Replace the number in an example with 22 or 24 and try it.

I built a Xmas tree that actually used 34 different MEGA pins at the same time. Among all these pins, I also used pins 22 and 24 and FastLED can definitely use them.

Many pins on the MEGA have different possible functions, I did not look up what special function pins 22 and 24 can do but they can definitely be used as digital outputs with FastLED.

I’ll also add that if you’re using a SPI based chipset (such as APA102) if you use the specific pins setup for SPI you can get better performance.
For the Arduino ATMega1280/2560 based boards you’d want to use pin 51 for data and 53 for clock.

Thanks for your confirmation. I was surprised to use a digital port.
I will test it. @marmil , I will test the pins 51 and 53.

Hi all, I confirm, any port works if it’s a digital output
Thanks everybody.