Hi All,  I have a question about tool diameter for engraving bit.

Hi All,
I have a question about tool diameter for engraving bit. I will be doing some pcb milling and I have some 45 degree engraving bits but with no tip diameter. I am wondering for those who do a lot of pcb milling what do you put in your cam software for tool diameter when you are using these engraving bits.

Also if anyone know any good article that talks about relation between depth of cut and cutting width on the board regards to pcb milling? For instance If I plunge the tool to ‘X’ depth, how wide will my cut be?” or “How far do I need to plunge the tool to get a cut width of ‘X’.

the current engraving bit I am using is this one and I am using cambam as my cam software.


I put a description of how to calculate tool width and depth inside the Eagle BRD Import widget and use an example of a 45 degree v-bit. Maybe that will help give you some ideas. My description is right below the “Inflate Milling Path By” textbox.

I used fritzing and exported a gerber file to cambam. So i am not able to utilize the goodness of that feature. :frowning: I better learn eagle to make my file then.

Thanks for the reply john

@henry_lin you might find this useful: http://www.1728.org/angsize.htm

@henry_lin You can just read the content in the widget to see my write up. You don’t actually have to have an Eagle BRD file.