Hi all, I am using the jpadie workspace and am about to rip my

Hi all,
I am using the jpadie workspace and am about to rip my hair out. For whatever reason, it is not updating the files. I had a file earlier that I realized prior to milling that it had a mistake. I re-exported the nc file, then dragged it into CP. The visual is correct for the new file, but the head is traveling to places unknown. It looks like it’s trying to mill what was in the old file. So, now I have a hole in the middle of my pretty aluminum box. I have “cleared recent files” so all that is in there are my new files, again, I can see the image change as if it’s received the new file, but it continues to try to mill the old location. I even tried to break the file into smaller parts (each op in it’s own file). But again it’s trying to mill the one from an hour ago. Any ideas on how to get passed this?

Hard to envision what you’re describing without screenshots.

Look at your Gcode first. Not always the Gcode but in my experience the issue is there before it is anywhere else. One easy way to tell if you don’t know how to look at Gcode it try a different sender.

There were similar issues reported on other workspaces. Clearing the browser cache seemed to help.

@raykholo I shot this when I was re trying it again. This time I made z about 5 mm above the work surface as to not cause any more damage. In the video, you can see where the area it should be milling, and where it is actually milling are not one and the same. Then I move over to show where zero (the x) and the horrible hole of doom.

@Brandon_Satterfield I had to travel the next day, so I used Universal GCode Sender to mill it out. Everything lined up perfectly. So, I don’t think it was a Gcode issue.
@Justin_Adie I think what is frightening about this statement (assuming I am understanding what you are saying) is that, if this is the case, how can we ever trust that what we are about to mill is the proper. The visualizer is showing the details of the new corrected file, but somehow, behind the scenes the old code is being sent.

This has been happening to me too, seemingly randomly, when I drop a gcode file directly (the new version shows up in the sim window, but the gcode widget replays the old file over spjs). It also happens every single time I try to re-export gcode from the eagle brd widget. There’s only one path I’ve found which lets me reliably know what I’m going to end up milling if I use the eagle widget, and it’s a) horribly contorted, and b) much slower than I’d like. For what it’s worth, even though I’m using an arduino Mega with grbl 1.1, I gave up on jpadie altogether, and did this:
- 1. load the eagle brd widget from the tinyg workspace on a different browser, on a different machine, drag in my .brd file, set the relevant options, and generate the gcode.
- 2. manually copy the gcode into a file , (e.g. myboard.nc)
-3 kill all the browser windows on the machine which is running the spjs server, restart the chrome browser, and navigate to chillipeppr.com/grbl
-4 kill the spjs server, and restart it in a cmd window,
- 5 connect to the server from the spjs widget, select the arduino, being sure to select ‘grbl’ as the protocol
- 6 make sure that grbl 1.1 doesn’t confuse the issue, by setting the max gcode cmd queue size to something really low (e.g. 5), and the send interval to something really high (e.g. 750 ms)
-7 drag the gcode file you created in (1) above into the browser.
- 8. run the job.
- 9 If you need to make a change, do it all again from scratch
- 10. Wait till you find the whole rigmarole frustrating enough that you invest the time to put together a better toolset+workflow.

I think the crux of the problem is when your localstorage fills up, which only allows 5MB due to browser limitations. ChiliPeppr stores all of your recently uploaded files in localstorage, so it can get filled up. Then, when you drop a new file, including from Eagle Brd widget, it gets sent to the 3D viewer first and then to other widgets, but something must happen at that step where the Gcode widget fails to load it.

The solution would be to wipe out your localstorage which you can do in the File menu.

In terms of the Eagle Brd widget, what problem do you run into in the grbl or jpadie that makes you have to use TinyG’s version? Is it just the sending of the file to the workspace?