Hi All, I am looking at taking the plunge and getting a Voiern WR4040

Hi All,
I am looking at taking the plunge and getting a Voiern WR4040 machine. The stock one here

I see for ane xtra $320 I can get the ruida model, Now i definitely want a new controller, but would I be better getting the Ruida upgrade, or get the M2 and get a cohesion board myself and install (or any other drop in replacement boards)? this option is around an extra 200. Yes its cheaper but I’m not too sure if the 3rd parties stack up better then the ruida option
Any advice appreciated

I would get the Ruida. I have both the C3D and a Ruida, and the Ruida is more robust overall.

I agree with Anthony.

Hi I’m looking at getting one of these machines. Can you tell me if they are good machines and somewhat easy to learn…thanks

@cston2882 If you are new to laser cutters in general you might start by reading this:

Ok I will look into it. Thank you so much.