Hi All, Here is a test of the Runcam HD camera.

(James “JAB1a” JAB) #1

Hi All,
Here is a test of the Runcam HD camera. The Spanky 5 is fitted with two Runcam HD camera’s, one facing forwards and another underneath the quad facing backward capturing all the footage that’s normally lost.

Flying the Spanky 5 with an extra 50g+ (camera and isolation mount) was interesting in the corners but still managed to perform well overall. The sound is a bit ropey due to unbalanced props and worn bearings in the motors after a long session of racing.

I fitted both Runcam HD cameras with 32Gb TF cards and had them recording well over 18 races each and they both had plenty of battery left for more racing. I enabled WDR on both camera’s which was not needed and it gave the raw footage very over saturated colours.

Best viewed full screen 1080p

Check out the Runcam HD camera on their website:

The excellent custom Airgates were provided by the brilliant chaps at Hoverspeed RC, check out their website for awesome FPV racing gear: