Hi all, Have tiny g v8, seemed t work ok 3 years ago.

Hi all,

Have tiny g v8, seemed t work ok 3 years ago. Have not run the CNC until this summer. I believe I upgraded the firmware a couple of months ago to latest. Now I have many problems with coordinate controls. Not sure if the update to firmware is related.

Been messing around off and on the last couple months as time permits.

The coordinate controls do not reliably work for me. I can use a set with a coordinate button, and sometimes it zeros, sometimes it does not.

Another example of a problem, When I do get the zeros to work, I can ‘go to’ one coord system’s zero, displays 0,0,0 for coords and moves machine properly, then click another coords ‘go to’, and the machine properly goes to the x y z , but the z but the Z readout says it is at 10.

Another example, when I hit the set g54 zero this gets sent. G10 L2 P1 X-1.759 Y-1.777 Z-0.735

Just wonky.

I am using Ubuntu and chrome.

Any advice on steps to take to trouble shoot?


Any ideas of what I can check? I see very little consistency with my set up.

@Dave_Lowry Are you still having trouble getting it working?

I had a similar experience a long while ago where the tinyG was just operating erratically. I ended up taking a screen shots of all my settings, typing $defa=1 into the serial console, powered everything off and close SPJS and close browser. Now that everything is turned off; power on tinyG, launch SPJS, launch chilipeppr and retyped my settings.

Also since it has been a while since you used tinyG, you might want to update the SPJS sofware too. https://github.com/chilipeppr/serial-port-json-server/releases

FYI typing $defa=1 into the serial console will reset your tinyG back to factory settings. So make sure to backup your settings. Chilipeppr has a built in backup utility, you might want to try it, at the time I couldn’t get it to work reliably. So I resorted to the old fashioned method of screen shots. Now i’m using JSON commands to backup/restore/configure, but use whatever method you are comfortable with.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will give them a try. I am also switching my lap top over to windows to try from there .