Hi All, GRBL and Chilipeppr. Limit switches installed and homing enabled.

Hi All,

GRBL and Chilipeppr. Limit switches installed and homing enabled.

I’m in the process of testing my DIY CNC machine with the router off. Every once in a while GRBL pauses. No messages or anything although there are lines in the buffer. I hit resume on GRBL and it continues. The issue has occurred before the limit switches were installed. Can anyone say why this is happening?

Grateful for any assistance.

Happens to me too. I was told that it was a memory leak or something that was fixed on the tinyg version and was never fixed for the grbl one. I’m not a programmer so I didn’t know how to help so I just sit there and keep hitting the resume on mine when I have to use it

I would also check the gcode line at pause. I have had it but believe it may be sending unsupported code causing the stop.

I think it’s most likely the bug @Chad_Michaud is referring to. That bug does only creep up on some operating systems. What OS are you running? What could be done is for somebody to take the tinyg buffer source code, which is only about 200 lines of code, and port it to a new grbl buffer. The original grbl buffer source code was written by one of the Grbl community members to get Grbl to work with ChiliPeppr, but he has not been involved for awhile.

@jlauer Windows 10

I ported the tinyg buffer a couple of months ago.
I saw a whole bunch of awful errors coming through today so migrated back to the ‘stock’ version 0.94. Fewer errors but the disconnects kept happening.

Possibly my ported code was bust and causing the errors. I didn’t really pay much attention to the code at the time. Just did a quick port without fully grokking what was going on in the tinyg flow control.