Hi all, First post.

Hi all,

First post. I’m planning to build an ingentis/eustathios style printer and this is currently where I’m at. Like the idea of using seperate rods for linear/rotational movement and using linear bearings. Would also like to look into using Mutley3D’s flex3drive extruder on it. Planning to go with a belted Z with a worm drive.

Would welcome some constructive feedback. It is abit of a web of rods.


Where are you getting those corner vertical post extrusions? I’ve never seen that kind before.

It’s interesting you’ve decided to separate the linear and rotational rods. I think the rods pulling double-duty was one of the most ingenious things about the ultimaker-style kinematics. If you do go through with this, please keep us updated. One thing I foresee when I look at this is trouble getting all the rods properly aligned. You’ve got 8 of them now, and they’re all held by individual pieces. If you were to make a combined holder for the rotating and stationary rods, that would help a lot.

@Jeff_DeMaagd It’s Misumi L shaped extrusion. http://us.misumi-ec.com/vona2/detail/110302685320/?Inch=0

@Erik_Scott I got the idea from the “Homefac” (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/homefac-3d-printer-reprap-style).
My ideas behind it:

  • Allows the use of linear bearings which also means that the xy end pieces can be more easily removed without having to take the outer shafts off.
  • Can use 10mm for the linear shaft and 8mm with a 20T pulley for the rotational shaft, which should give more than enough resolution with a direct drive approach.
  • I don’t imagine that the rotational shaft will be very alignment sensitive because they’re only used for the belts, but just my guess.
  • Can use a machined and cheaply available SK10 shaft support so should only have to worry about vertical alignment provided the frame is square.

I like the shaped extrusions as a means of providing enough space to mount the support and drive shafts in close proximity. Also, you may want to have a look at my feed to see the same idea already built :slight_smile: