Hi All, Can anyone please help with the auto-level?

Hi All,

Can anyone please help with the auto-level?

Latest firmware
Latest JSON driver
Tried several forks /grbl /grbl-new /imania
Tried FF/Chrome/IE
3 Computers as well

The /grbl auto-level was working a few weeks back and now nothing

I cant get it to display the region to probe and therefore does not progress.



It could be a mm vs inches issue

Thanks for the quick reply John. I have just checked everything and all is in mm. I have also just tested older working files and have the same issue.

Now /grbl workspace works perfect for me.

Hi Camilo, thanks for your feedback, what browser are you using?

Oh I think I have found it. Java re-install. Testing now :slight_smile:

Autolevel on /grbl-new workspace was working some time ago and I didn’t change anything. But I am unable to check it now, will be back from holiday July 25th.
Is it a problem of autoleveling or just displaying autoleveled region? There was a recent post about 3dviewer widget changed behavior, which is a common widget for /grbl and /grbl-new. Maybe this is related to your issue.

I worked it out. OK, in the Auto-level you can specify the distance between the POM. What I had done is enter a new value and pressed enter instead of tab. .The page will re-load and auto-level will break. From that point I needed to go into control panel, clear the java cache via the applet and then restart the computer. Once I did that I could use auto-level again. There seems to be some strange java cache issue if you press the enter key on the auto-level widget. I spent way too much time on this today… This is a repeatable issue across my 3 computers, I have tested again on all of them.Thanks everyone for your help.

hola a todos me podrian decir por favor donde puedo descargar ese programa, gracias de ante manos


ChiliPeppr - Hardware Fiddle

It sounds like you discovered an unintended bug. The Auto-Level does try to store your numeric changes so they pull up next time, but perhaps hitting the enter key throws off that cycle and then there’s no value. However, I can’t see why you shouldn’t just be able to enter a new number after reload and all is fine.

I can replicate this each time, just need to clear java cache and reboot. Windows 10 BTW.