Hi all, can anyone advise me,

Hi all,
can anyone advise me, what glue to use to glue abs and pla parts?

Here’s a great resource for such questions:

I try to glue abs to pla with super glue now :wink:

I’ve found a good quality epoxy works for many plastics. If you get 5 minute epoxy, it cures quickly and is less strong than 30 minute epoxy.

Thanks for the help Frank. I will try super glue first and then if it does not work, I will try epoxy.

Sorry, I ment Fred

I use Krazy glue. Gives you just enough time to move parts around a little for adjustment and sticks really well after about 1 min. Let it cure over night and you have a really strong bond.

Good quality two component epoxy glue is what I rely on, works perfectly.

Cut off zip tie ends are great stirring pins.

@Marc_Pentenrieder acetone, apply small amount with a dropper, wipe on contact areas and press ABS parts together presto.

@Jeremiah_Coley I want to glue abs and pla, not abs to abs

Thanks to all for commenting

@Marc_Pentenrieder got it I’d go apoxy then.