Hi all.  Apologies in advanced if this would be considered SPAM,

Hi all. Apologies in advanced if this would be considered SPAM, but given all the other parts being plugged here, I hope it’s okay. (@ThantiK , feel free to wield the moderator stick.) I just recently started distributing ABS and PLA filament in 3 and 1.75 mm. I know I’m not the rock-bottom cheapest, but I think I offer a good quality/value for the price. Most major US destinations will get deliveries in 1 to 2 days.

My shop is at https://www.tindie.com/shops/toybuilder/

Thanks! Please feel free to comment.

Nope, you’re good! It’s not spam unless it happens a bunch, or it doesn’t mention how it’s related to 3D printing. Announcements are fine. :slight_smile: – only other thing I get rid of is useless crap like the posts that simply contain “hi guys, I love 3D printing!”

…this is good to know…