Hi all, a quick question about CAD software.

(Jon Charnas) #1

Hi all, a quick question about CAD software. I just got an Occulus Rift for my birthday, and I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a CAD tool that makes use of a VR headset?
As much as games are fun, I prefer being able to create things in something other than minecraft :wink:

(Jon Charnas) #2

@D_Sarkar I have an Oculus already - just looking for CAD software to use. Unreal Engine is only for designing VR scenes, not what I aim to do.

(Nick Kloski) #3

I have not seen “CAD-CAD” software. I use Tilt Brush for conceptual work, and sometimes Kodon for more sculpting. Kodon’s usability is poor, but it can create quads, which can then be imported into CAD software and translated into solid surfaces.

I think people like MaterpieceVR.

Also there is Gravity Sketch, which has a monthly fee, but that is probably the closest you will get at this point, but it does cost monthly.

(Anton Fosselius) #4

FreeCAD have several Sterioscopic 3d modes, you also got an old VR demo built for occulus back in 2015 ish.

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(Jon Charnas) #6

Thanks! Will look into all of those!

(Kurt Wendt) #7

@Jon_Charnas A Question and a Comment. Since this is a 3DP forum - its a little unclear how this relates to 3DP? Sure, you make a model & 3D Print it. But, you didn’t specifically state that.
My general comment is more about the CAD term you used. Since that’s very specific. CAD normally refers to Solid modeling. However, Standard 3D modeling & animation programs produce models that are purely surface models. As such, I think you will find many more options for you to use with your VR headset if you consider more the 3D Modeling general types apps. Just sayin’…

(Nick Kloski) #8

Without modeling software, there is no 3D printing. Two of the VR apps I mentioned above (Kodon and Gravity Sketch) allow you to do surface modeling, which then flows into solid modeling, then printing.

I use VR somewhat often in my own 3D printing work for the industrial design aspect for conceptualization, and doing “rough” modeling that is then used as a template for the actual model which is then 3D printed.

(Kurt Wendt) #9

Hey @Nick_Kloski1 - I totally hear ya! Yes, true - must model before 3D Printing. Well - in theory. Since, you can actually generate an object mathematically using program code - which is not standard type of modeling SW. But, agreed - I get your point. My only point was that I wanted Jon to specifically mention 3D Printing.

Also, since CAD is normally more hi-end SW, and Occulus is more like a hobby level device (although NOT Strictly) - you probably won’t find much true CAD SW already created for use with the VR headset. That being said, since Autodesk is a Major player in the CAD space (AutoCAD - and now Fusion360) - I suspect that they may have a true CAD program that works with VR.

Problem is - I think that working in VR can be cumbersome(like you mentioned with Kodon) and not truly a way to do Accurate type modeling. And, CAD, truly is about making things accurately. Unlike more artistic 3D Modeling programs.

(Jon Charnas) #10

@Kurt_Wendt yes, I specifically wanted to do design for 3d printing. I’m finding myself frustrated at times with a standard interface in design tools where I can’t quite get a feel for the objects I’m designing