Hi All. 1/. Using LaserWeb4 and getting good results...is "Laser Raster Merge" capable of

Hi All.
1/. Using LaserWeb4 and getting good results…is “Laser Raster Merge” capable of merging multiple Raster images as it implies by its name, if so, how do I do it…as nothing i have tried seems to work. or is this something that needs to be done externally before import???
2/. is there a site that explains the various laser methods ie: Laser/Laser Raster/Laser Raster Merge/etc in detail as I have yet to find and clear info in this area???

1- Laser raster merge will enable raster features for an svg loaded with images

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Thanks for the quick reply…but i’m not sure what you mean…please dumb your answer down as i am new to this. can i merge 2 raster files’ if so how? or do i need to do that externally in another app.?

Where do you create your content? Let’s say you use inkscape. If you create an SVG with an image and some text or vector lines then laserseb will let you raster the Image and cut the vectors from a single.file. so if you want multiple images to raster as a single operation then adding them to a single SVG would help

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty OK…If i understand correctly, i would open several Raster images in Paint or whatever place them in the required positions and the save as an SVG, import the SVG into Laserweb, and set as Raster. Whereas Laser Raster Merge is used to combine different file types within the program itself…correct???

@Doug_Reed but not 2 or more Raster images.

Images will load normally and you will use Raster. Images with vectors mixed together in an SVG files will use raster merge.

What are you trying to achieve?

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Thankyou…I am laser engraving a mirror, the art comprises of 2 raster images overlaid in LaserWeb, Laserweb run first one image set of code and then the 2nd image is burnt, thus using 2 passes, I was looking for a way to do this in just 1 pass, halving the job time.

Not sure time will be greatly impactedby merging the images. Rather speed or laser diameter more related to that.
Mind that merging images into an svg is not needed just makes it easier.

Thanks…you have answered my first question very well. The mirror that i was engraving came out quite good, the first one i have attempted, it took 1hr and 20 mins for a 50 x 76mm at 500 spd 0.1 dia. I will continue to experiment, I can only improve.

is your speed set to mm/s or mm/min? helps to know :slight_smile: and if you have 2 images you want to do in one pass what @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty was saying is you could save them in a program like inkscape and then run them as one operation in laserweb… This only works if you are using the same power and speed for both as it will be interpreted as one img.(load 3 imgs in inkscape, save jpg or bmp then load in laserweb and raster) might save you some time overall.

@Domm434 thanks Joe and Ariel. I’m running at 500mm/min 3W blue laser, metal frame, typical cut and squareness accuracy is better than 0.1mm. Yes, combining in an external program seems the way to do it, I have latest version of GIMP, that should work. One thing I have noticed is that the results seem to be offset about 1mm Left, I have checked location accuracy with a straight Laser cut and it is accurate to about 0.15mm, I will now check to see if a Raster target is located at the same zero on the cut.Will get back with results. Thanks All.

@Doug_Reed OK…ran several tests and as expected it came down to human error…I had my centre line off centre…thats life ;-}

glad we could help you out :slight_smile: