Hi Alex Lee  , Mandy Ellifritz ,

(Ivan Hoe) #1

Hi @Alex_Lee , @Mandy_Ellifritz , any trademark
concern with the name Talos3D with this military thingy?

(Eric Lien) #2

Ones a suit and ones an fff printer. I think there is no chance of confusion. I think that’s a test for that sort of infringement analysis. So my (note: I’m no lawyer) guess is they are OK.

(Alex Lee) #3

@Ivan_Hoe Thank you for pointing this out. The Talos Mythology is used in many other mediums and logos, but I haven’t seen it used for CNC automation products. I’m not a lawyer either, and can’t really afford one… If someone has a legitimate claim on the name under the 3D printing business, and prior use than ours, I’ll happily concede the name.