Hi again, what lenght are the Universal Shaft Drive Joint please,

Hi again, what lenght are the Universal Shaft Drive Joint please, need to order some off ebay.

Is this what your after? https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/104892210945151500865/albums/5831071430922875713/5870699805662244418

This part http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HSP-1-10-Universal-Shaft-Drive-Joint-RC-1-10-Model-Car-Spare-Parts-/320972640401?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var&hash=item4abb75d091&_uhb=1


Ah, ok! Away from my co,åuter right now, here´s some info and link to CAD file: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104892210945151500865/posts/XxhjvbeWT8b

I can provide a proper drawing if you like!

No, just need the lenght so I can order the right one.

OK, I will fix that as soon as I’m back at the office!!!

Ok, the product page clearly states 118mm but when i measure my CAD model it´s 78mm + 31mm which adds up to 109mm and NOT 118mm so there´s something not right here. I would like to verify these dimension by measuring the driveshafts but they are at home and i won´t be able to do so for several hours!

I happy to wait, thanks for the extra help on this matter.

Correct dimensions are 78 + 40mm! Let me know which ones you will buy and i will order the same…

@Auzze_Auzze Did you order any?


No, been very busy today… hope to over the week-end.

@Szymon_Kobalczyk did you order the last ones you asked about?

@Szymon_Kobalczyk I think the ones in the first link you posted that are 82+37mm will be best… The wishbones will most likely need to be modded but I can do that for you if you can’t do it yourself…

I have not ordered any stuff yet as I have been busy at work. but I will be ordering that size, if you could re-size the wishbones that would be great. Thanks

Ok, If you order those i mentioned above i will order the same ones and modd the wishbones to fit them! :slight_smile:

@Szymon_Kobalczyk For the inner one i have used 3,0 or 3,2mm stainless steel rods and the outer 2,0mm stainless steel rod…

@Szymon_Kobalczyk No, there was no need to, they fit tight enough anyway…