Hi again and time for an upgrade

Hey Community and hi @Eclsnowman :wave:

It’s been a while. I’ve been a regular member of the G+ group a few years back. I built my Eustathios 2 printer late 2015 and it now just crossed 5 years old. I didn’t print much lately but just came back to it, did some test prints and am happily looking forward to do some much needed upgrades.

After G+ died I was very happy to find it here at Maker Forums again. I landed here a few years back already when I built a small LED Laser searching for help on Laserweb. So great the Eustathios community now has a place here too.

Also great to see @Eclsnowman you did a little update to the project last year that really holds what I need: BLTouch Support and a more compact carriage for the hotend. I will also take the chance and redo the whole gantry to switch from my more exotic bushings to the ones you used initially. They were so hard to get in germany back then and after the order arrived from the US i had already finished the printer and didn’t want to rebuild the gantry for them. So this is the time.

Here are some early pics/vids of my build in case anyone is interested: Old Thread

It’s sporting a few upgrades from @Walter_Hsiao - some of them I’m happy to see found their way into the 2.5 design. Also some other custom stuff from other users and myself like the Spool holder from another group user I don’t remember unfortunately.

Overall I’m still very happy with this machine and would possibly build it again. After some tuning it should do very well again.

Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Gantry rework mostly with latest 2.5 parts
  • Replacing my optical level sensor (to light sensitive) with BL Touch
  • Replacing the part cooling with the 40x20 radial fan (24V due to my system being 24V)
  • Replacing the bowden tube with one of the fancy Capricorn ones
  • Adding a touch screen to my repetier server and maybe even remove the built in display

That’s it for now - I guess I’ll keep you posted.


Great to see you here Frank. Your build was always very clean, and I’m excited to see what you do with some of the latest upgrades. Keep us posted on your progress. And it makes me happy to hear you still enjoy the design.