Hey, y’all. I could use some help diagnosing my issues with ABS if you

(Nate T) #1

Hey, y’all. I could use some help diagnosing my issues with ABS if you wouldn’t mind lending your expertise. This was printed on a heavily modified Tevo Tarantula with authentic Titan and v6 hotend in a direct drive configuration. I’m using Zyltech ABS printed at 218C on glass (covered w/Aquanet) with a bed temp of 100C. I’ve also got retraction set to .4mm and coating set to .2mm in Simple3D

Am I printing too hot? Over-extruding? What is causing those zits?

Any help would be appreciated.

(Sahil Jain) #2

I think that it could be a couple of things:

  • Retraction: Increase speed and/or increase the distance. The blobs are most likely retraction artifacts. You should also probably try more coasting.
  • Travel speed: Maybe the blobs are forming at the end of retraction due to low travel speed/accel and the nozzle is oozing.
  • Temps: It looks like it is too hot, but 218 is very cool for ABS, I’d double check your thermistor wiring and firmware setup.
(Stronghero3D) #3

It is Tevo, suggest you see this post, seem the same problem , you can solve after see the comments ,https://plus.google.com/111784224648956772871/posts/P4W6WBXWYVk

(ThantiK) #4

I’m also thinking that maybe you’re printing really slow and really hot for some reason. But 218C is kinda low for real ABS. What are speeds set at for these things?

(Griffin Paquette) #5

Honestly I would say not hot enough. 235C is a reasonable number to start with for ABS. Are you printing with a cooling fan on?

(ThantiK) #6

@Griffin_Paquette Yeah, he said 218C and that’s low for ABS, but a low ABS temp would have a difficult time blobbing that easy. I’m wondering if it’s much higher due to wrong thermistor table or something like that.

@Nate_T , do you have any pictures of top infill? That would help determine if you’re over/underextruding.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #7

I’m not a pro but to me it looks like you’re printing too slow, don’t have enough fan speed and when you re-prime after a retraction, it’s pushing out too much plastic. This could be alleviated by turn on “coasting” (I use cura). You definitely have something wrong though because that benchy looks like it’s dying…

(Griffin Paquette) #8

@ThantiK actually that makes complete sense. Never seen blobbing like that from low temp.

(Ulrich Baer) #9

maybe you find something here https://www.simplify3d.com/support/print-quality-troubleshooting/
looks like “blobs and zits” - as mentioned by @ThantiK you always need to consider temp with printing speed. 218°C may be fine at 30mm/s but bad at 10mm/s. The reason is the time the plastic is hold on that temp within the nozzle and so compounds expand and want to leave, creating uneven flow - hence also internal extruder geometry play a role.

(Selvakumaran Ganesan) #10

After changing the hot end to V6, did you do the PID auto tuning? I hope your temperature value is not the real one. PID auto tuning may help you.

(Doug Rector) #11

after changing the hot end did you reset the thermistor in the software to the E3D v6 values? They are not the same as the stock thermistor I would pretty much guarantee. See if you can get a point and shoot thermometer and check your temps.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #12

Another cause could be moisture in the filament. Do you hear popping noises?