Hey, to run two GRBL machines on different jobs at the same time,

Hey, to run two GRBL machines on different jobs at the same time, do I need two RP3s or can one do both serial links?


You can control multiple machines on a single SPJS instance but only one can be default (highlighted in green), even if you have multiple windows. The way you’d have to do it is open a 2nd CP instance, load the job for the 2nd machine into that, and use a macro to route all the commands of that job to the com port that your 2nd machine (not default) is on. There are some examples of you look at John’s videos regarding laser solder and coordinating a solder paste dispenser on YouTube.

Well, possibly the easiest is to simply launch a 2nd SPJS on an alternate port. Launch spjs with -? to see the command line args accepted. Then connect to that 2nd SPJS from the 2nd browser and you won’t have to play tricks to get the default green serial port correct.

The other trick is to open CP and click on the serial port you want to open to get it green. Then disconnect from SPJS. Then open 2nd browser window and connect to 2nd serial port to get it green. Then go back to 1st window and reconnect. Presto. You have 2 windows with different default green ports.


Also, is the RP3 likely to keep up with feeding two GRBLs okay? Even if both jobs hit areas with high command rates at the same time?

Yeah, RP3 seems to only hit about 15% of CPU with a full SPJS run.