Hey Thingiverse users: Are you all aware that the "things" you've published to Thingiverse

I got this response to a takedown request: “The links to the models will be removed asap. Thank you for your patience.

First they said they are not hosting.
Then they said it isn’t a problem with their service as they just grab files from thingiverse.(I explained that thingiverse isn’t stripping the license agreement/attribution)
I said I would check back tomorrow, they said it won’t be done.
I explained that it is theft of my intellectual property, they said they will work on it.

Lol Cody said it will be fixed in the next few hours.

The more he acts, the less I like Cody.

The problem is not that DEFCAD is scraping. The problem is that it appears to be doing so indiscriminately. There is so much useless shit on thingiverse that pollutes an otherwise good repository. Now that same trash is going to proliferate on defcad and make it even more difficult to find good models.

@Kate_Hannum not all files are under. That license. Some are under a non commercial license. That is important.

Yep…there are designs on there that I reserve the right to make money with. I still wish to regain control of my data as published on Defcad. I asked nicely and I want control on how my work is displayed and tracked. I don’t so much have a problem with my files being there…I just want control over them in my profile so they can be updated in the future if necessary instead of having stale crap on there that I have no control over.

Sounds good, next time you decide to use another person’s property for personal gain, please adhere to the license agreement. Not doing so is theft of property

People, Kate = Thingiverse interfering.(good thing!)
They, in response, now pop up the license when Defcad (or anyone) deeplinks.
A good move Imho.
The individual move is to send a takedown for your own content, and we’ll see wether they will actually do it.

I have sent a take down/comply request to DefCad. they said it will be fixed before this evening.

If you did email def cad, they first said tell thingiverse it is their problem. It wasn’t until you pressured them that they would act. My assumption is that thingiverse was contacted and decided to act. Defcad was the one who was stripping the model of the license agreement, they deserve the interference.

Bitch, Moan, Bitch and Moan some more… Would you like some frenchcries with your waaaaamburger?

You contacted the guy several times, he said he’d fix it. Shut up and wait.

Your shit is worthless anyway, or else you’d be selling it instead of putting it on thingverse for free. Whoever downloads your designs - if anyone does - isn’t going to know or care who you are anyway. Just tell your mum n’ dad it was you who designed the plastic figurine on thingverse and they’ll be proud of you whether unmarked copies exist on the internet elsewhere or not.

@John_Grant it isn’t about the money, it isn’t about the value. It is about the principle. I really could care less about making money via the model. I just don’t want them to. The fact that they scraped everything and removed authors is wrong.

@Kate_Hannum Thanks to the Thingiverse team for their quick response to the situation.

@Camerin_hahn - they’re not making money on the model.

They’re fellow open source advocates. With just a little good faith it’d be reasonable to assume that they’re working hard to offer something no one else does - an open source repository without censorship (truly open.)

They could have taken Mega Upload or Pirate Bay’s position and literally said, “We’ll do what we want.” but instead he said, “We are working around the clock to satisfy license notice and attribution requirements.”

The right thing to do here would be to give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient instead of flaming them.

@John_Grant you are assuming that I am not. I have asked them to either fix it or take down. They responded not gonna happen. I asked switched emails at defcad, they said it will happen within the next few hours… I will let them take their time.

They originally told me that if it is on thingiverse it is fair game.

Edit: I am giving them 24 hours.

Thingiverse’s pop-up when you download is it takes you right to the actual thing now. If they actually scrape all the cad models I’ll be a little more pissed…I don’t mind them being on defcad…but the lack of attribution when that’s how it’s published is just plain bad.

@Camerin_hahn - I don’t know if American English is your second language or what… but

  1. Providing a URL should not require attribution for what’s on the other end of that URL. If it did, you’d have to provide attribution for everything in the internet anytime you made the reference, “Google it.” So it was, in fact, thingverse’s problem, which they fixed.

2)No one, “stripped” the licensing info, Thingverse omitted it, until recently.

  1. To accommodate you, because Thingverse was lacking, they said they’d work on it. Perhaps working on it included contacting Thingverse and informing them off the flaw. Now that Thingverse fixed it, what more are you looking for in the next 24 hours?

  2. How is saying, “These guys a a bunch of b!7©h€$.” or interpreting, “We are working around the clock…” as, “We do what we want. Bitches.” considered patiently waiting before flaming them?

@John_Grant You really don’t get it do you?

  1. The “provided URL” was there in a way claming that “Scraper” was the creator of the object and provided links to bypass the page that Thingiverse provides their users so they can attribute themselves and also display licensing info (you know the same page that "Scraper used to pull on the description info for the item)

  2. The licensing info has always been listed on the thingiverse page for the item (scroll down it’s on the right hand side), Defcad just choose not to pull that info when the pulled the rest.

  3. Working on it meant rewriting their scraper to pull the original creator and also the license that was posted, once again, perhaps you should look at thingiverse before commenting.

  4. Patiently waiting meant my work was being downloaded (I was watching the download counters go up) while no attribution or licensing info was being attached. If you were being robbed would you just wait patiently to make sure they were not going to just give your stuff back before you called 911?

@John_Grant I am looking for the item to include the license with the download and to apply the creators name. As per the license agreement I chose. That is it. Taking down my files from the defcad site is an acceptable solution. This should only take minutes.

I posted the the guys are bitches when they said if you want us to take down your model talk to thingiverse. We only post links…the links are not to the folder, they are only to the cad file… to me this implies the attitude if it is on thingiverse I can have it, I don’t have to give credit, I can ignore your license.

Your racist assumption that I do not speak English is unfounded and ignorant. They do not help your argument.