Hey Thingiverse users: Are you all aware that the "things" you've published to Thingiverse


Hey Thingiverse users:

Are you all aware that the “things” you’ve published to Thingiverse can now be downloaded through Defcad.com whether you want them to be or not, without any acknowledgement of where the content comes from or who created it?

Check for yourself. You’ll find listings for your designs, along with the complete Thingiverse descriptions, all the photos/images that go with your design, and a direct link to download the zip containing all the files. What you won’t find is your name, the object’s license, or what site the files are being “scraped” from (their term).

Until this scuzzball behavior is addressed*, consider adding identifying info to your descriptions and a license txt file to your downloadable content if attribution is important to you.

*EDIT - Thingiverse has addressed the issue. See comments below.

(James Wise) #2

we’ll all be dead in due time and no one will remember any of our names.

(Steve Kelly) #3

^^ I like @James_Wise 's thinking :slight_smile:


@James Wise - as a freelancer who has gotten jobs from people who’ve seen the designs I’ve published on Thingiverse, I don’t find your observation pertinent.

(Dave LeCompte) #5

A few notes:

  • you probably mean “http://defcad.com”.

  • “scraped” is a common term for collecting information from a website.

  • It looks to me like somebody is running a scraper on thingiverse and cross posting to defcad, perhaps as a DOS to make defcad less useful to people that want to download 3d models of firearms. If you have models on Thingiverse that are also on http://defcad.com, you could (politely) contact the people listed at http://defcad.com/info and explain the situation.


@Dave_LeCompte Hah, I had just been joking to someone before posting about “Defcad for cutie” and I think “cab” got into my brain. I will fix that.

Yes, I know the meaning of scraping, but I was pointing out it appears on the site itself, as the uploading account is “scraper”.

Regarding contacting the site, they’ve said in the past “No takedowns. Ever.” Perhaps this will be a test of that claim.

(James Wise) #7

in that case, it sounds like you wouldnt want to work for any scuzzballs that browse defcad anyway?


@James_Wise Hah. no comment (theyz got gunz after all).

(Camerin hahn) #9

@James_Wise yeah, but it is the attitude that I would not want my ip associated with

(Camerin hahn) #10

That was fast, responded with in 5 min saying they will apply the proper attribution and licenses.

Edit: never mind. These guys a a bunch of b!7©h€$.


@Camerin_hahn That’s interesting. Doesn’t sound like the same people who made this (seriously creepy) teaser video, though:

Edit: What happened, Camerin?

(Jasper Janssen) #12

@Dave_LeCompte there is no reason whatsoever to be polite to license-infringing scum buckets like defcad, if this is in fact happening.

(Stijn van der Linden) #13

@Camerin_hahn What happened? What was their response?
Anyway looks like they are also scraping grabcad.

(Michael Audette) #14

I’m sending a removal request since they violated the copyright…blatantly.

(Richard Betel) #15

I’m trying to decide if I care. On the one hand, I released my files under the GPL, so go ahead and copy. On the other hand, not attributing is kinda shitty, and they’re not copying the license, effectively illegally putting my files in the public domain. My files don’t matter, but…

I wonder how a DMCA takedown would get handled by this jerk.

(Michael Audette) #16

I would have posted my files there - if requested…and given proper attribution. Those are my designs, photographs and descriptions. I just want credit for them.

(Onyx Ashanti) #17

one good thing about my ip on thinigiverse is that anyone can say they created it if they want to, but they cant play it :wink: leaving “beatjazz” in the title description provides all the attribution i need :smiley:

(Ben Malouf) #18

I just sent them a take down request email. Will report back if I hear anything.

(Ben Malouf) #19

This was Cody Wilson’s response:
“Our site is in a public alpha, so it’s very feature incomplete. We are working around the clock to satisfy license notice and attribution requirements. Adding these models was just a first step, and there is every intention to meet license requirements. crw”
In other words: We do what we want. Bitches.

(Michael Audette) #20

It would have been nice to not Alpha Test in the public domain with property which is not theirs or properly attributed in the first place. I have an account on DefCad already - where I posted items that Thingiverse didn’t want on there…like replacement gun parts I designed - I want creative control over my files - they can be removed or put in my account either way - it would have been better to ask first.