Hey there!  Just bought a Arduino micro and I'm trying to connect some p9813

Hey there!
Just bought a Arduino micro and I’m trying to connect some p9813 leds with no results…
Using port 11 and 13 and ground as usual doesn’t work because SPI pint are not connected. It’s might be possible using the ICSP header pins. http://arduino.cc/en/Main/arduinoBoardMicro
Does somebody has experience with this and / or particular Arduino? Any Tips?

Micros work with FastLed

But how to connect these leds? Which pins?

All of the digital I/o pins will work with fastled. The issue with the micro is that it’s very hard to be sure which pin you are actually on. The numbering is very confusing since the numbers are printed between pins and its not clear which pin is which. Same with the ground pin. I soldered to the wrong pins dozens of times before I got it right.

Try changing your code to see if you are accidentally on pin 10 instead of 11, or whatever.

The Micro has the SPI hardware pins broken out on their own pins. They are not on 13 - 11 like the Uno.

Thanks everybody, found it! CLOCK_PIN would be the SCK port on the Arduino micro, software pin number 15
Got it working :wink: damn these micro’s are nice

A lot of bang, for not many bucks :slight_smile:

@Mike_Thornbury The Teensy3.1 is cheaper than a Micro. I started with Micros too, but now I don’t waste my time with anything but Teensy’s :wink: Sooo much more powerful for LEDs and FastLED.

Prices don’t differ that much around here… It runs super fast!

@Jon_Burroughs I pay about $3 for a micro. A teensy, including shipping, costs me about $30, if they would actually ship to my country, which they don’t. And that’s using airmail, which, if they did ship to me, takes about six weeks. To ship express you can add another $90 - so about $110 for a teensy.

So no, a teensy isn’t cheaper than a micro, or a nano or a mega or a mini.

Baite - actually less than $3


My mistake, that was a mini.

Micro: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10PCS-LOT-Pro-Mini-Gold-Plated-Core-Board-AVR-ATmega328P-5V16M-For-Arduino-Micro-Controller-Circuit/2040538591.html

That’s cheap :wink:

And they are reliable. I’ve bought 60-odd and the only one I’ve blown was when I put a 4S Lipo into the 5V pin by mistake. It still runs, but the voltage regulator circuit is toast :slight_smile: