Hey there, I'm wanting to get into 3d printing but I want to know

Hey there, I’m wanting to get into 3d printing but I want to know what’s a good 3d printer that isn’t to much but the prints look good

Karlan, unfortunately that question is quite vague. Substitute “computer” where you have “3d printer” to get an idea of why that question is hard to answer.

A better way to ask is by defining what you qualify as a “good 3d printer” and what “isn’t too much”. My budget for “isn’t too much” is way different than quite a few people I know that own 3D printers.

Would love to help with some better input.

I have a budget maybe up to $800 and would like a decent print quality, I am not to sure what is considered a decent print quality. I kinda like .1mm height.

I don’t mind smoothing out the finished product either

Sigh, had a nice little reply typed up and botched posting it. Long story short;

If you want to build your own, you have a lot of options. I recommend hitting http://reprap.org and other sites to find what works for you. Lots of variables here like build area size, speed, noise, how hard is it to source the individual parts, do people sell printed parts readily?

If you want to buy a kit, I would start at http://www.3ders.org/pricecompare/3dprinters/ and go from there.

Good luck!

Thank you, what factors the noise?

Enclosures, etc…

Gotcha, thanks for the advice mine if I ask what set up you are using

also make sure to scroll down a little, we had this question approx 5 times

i’ve had great success with these: http://typeamachines.com/

Printrbot LC + is a good choice for your budget. Type A Is a fantastic machine for the >$1400 range. Check out: http://blog.makezine.com/volume/make-ultimate-guide-to-3d-printing/

Review I Wrote on the Replicator 2: http://blog.makezine.com/review/make-ultimate-guide-to-3d-printing/replicator-2/

I have been looking at a robo one it has a long wait time though

Don’t. It’s untested and unreviewed (ok same goes for the Makibox) - check the lulzbot & Bukobot

Okay, has any built enclosures for these. Or is it possible to build enclosures with out breaking something

Bukobot from Deezmaker. Google it, buy it, and assemble. Awesome printer with easy instructions. $850 for the green model.

I’ll say it again - Mendel 90 - amazing print quality and durability, and about & about $800 U.S. dollars after international shipping.

I will second Mendel 90. I spent hours scrolling down and reading posts similar to this, and after checking out NopHead’s blog and then reading more, I’ve decided to order one. Great looking kit, awesome assembly instructions, and excellent support directly from the designer.

@Ted_Tolman_Phrank You’re right about the support - despite the 6 hour time difference, @nop_head seems to answer emails around the clock with great help - even when the question might be a bit silly. A larger company like solidoodle seem to take at least a day to answer a simple skype message - and their support is weak at best - definitely not as much for the technically minded.

I would like to add, if you are new to 3D printing Support is a major factor. I ordered and just got my new 3D printer from LeapFrog, duel head. While the printer is nice, it arrived with one head not working. 7 Emails, Zero replies from support. Next a expense phone call overseas and got someone on the phone who only tells you to email. Been a week now with out a reply. If your in the USA Buy in the USA but make sure they have great support both email and phone or pass and try the next one. Super bad customer experience for a expense Leapfrog machine with no support.

@Anthony_White @Ted_Tolman_Phrank I third on the Mendel90 ! Excellent support and patience with noobies. Time zone seems to make no difference. Excellent kit, docs and results.