Hey there, I will soon (probably in a few months to get everything in

Hey there,

I will soon (probably in a few months to get everything in and assembled) be joining your ranks. My prusa finally gave up the ghost in a magnificent gout of flame and I decided it’s time to start from scratch again. That said, I have two questions:

  1. Is there anyone here in the US that would mind printing me a set of parts for a HercuLien?

  2. Does anyone have any recommendations on cutting the z-gantry? I’m in an apartment so my power tool assortment is limited to a drill and a janky jig saw.

The Z can be made with with simple hand tools. I used a hacksaw :slight_smile: . It only takes cutting an aluminum extrusion and an aluminum angle. A straight edge guide like a strip of steel flat bar goes a long way.

For cutting the 1/4" aluminum bed perhaps @Brandon_Satterfield ​ could cut you one (for a fee of course).

I chose to just have the local metal company (IMS) cut the aluminum to size, then I used a round hand file to make rounded areas for the Z screw and rail- it took a while but works. Seeing Eric’s comment, yeah possibly a hacksaw could be used to cut triangles to clear the area.

l would try to fix your Prusa too- because why throw away a fine printer that needs a new electronics? RAMPS+LCD is like $30 now on ebay and aliexpress. I still use my old RepPrap Mendel for small prints- and it lost a Melzi and numerous plastic parts over the years, but is still pumping out the prints!

Just print out the dxf at 1:1 scale and carefully tape it on the aluminum angle. Then center punch the holes, and score the cut lines with a razor. Each side can be made in less that 10 minutes.


That’s a great idea- I guess you need to steer the hacksaw around the curves- I’m sure that’s easily done with a small hack saw. Wish I had thought of that!

@Ted_Huntington what curves? He mentioned a HercuLien… so that is a square bed, 20x80 v-slot Z guides, and aluminum angle bed brackets. No real rounded parts.

@Ted_Huntington Yeah, I’m going to fix the prusa at some point. However it wasn’t the electronics. I had a thermal runaway. Lost the hot end, extruder, some stuff above it, and a lot of the wiring.

@Eclsnowman oops my bad- still that’s a good idea for the Eustathios too!

sounds nasty! Most firmwares have thermal runaway protection- but I’m sure it can still happen with a faulty thermistor, or wires that melt together.