Hey there all you  participants I coded a little and worked the G+ API

Hey there all you #printCave participants

I coded a little and worked the G+ API into a Mosaiqy jQuery Plugin.

Would you be ok with me integrating this into @3D_Printing_Industry ?

Oh also - if anyone is a Designer - let me know. I suck at Designing.

Unless everyone who posted #printcave pictures explicitly allows you to use their pic on your site, i’d be treading very, very carefully. An Abmahnung for copyright infringement will cost you a couple hundred of Euros, at least (+ another 300 to 500€ for the lawyer).

If you want permission from 100% of the #printcave people you might be better off messaging all of us. The pool was fairly small as I remember it.

I’m fine with you using mine, though.

Thx guys, will not publish stuff without having a license - i <3 Creative Commons and will simply rewrite my API-Foo to only read the stuff of people that allowed me to use theirs.

We need a License for G+ Contents - that would be killer

That would be really nice. And a very nice way for G+ to distinguish itself from Facebook too.

I’m fine with it as well (which was the meaning of my +1 before).

And my honest and very personal opinion on this is:

  1. We’re all good people, nobody is suing you.
  2. If you always apply thinking like @Thomas_Sanladerer (No offense at all! You’re right - I know that :)) you will never do business nor have fun nor live.
  3. Go for it and appreciate the time you’ve put into the code.


go ahead and use mine that I just posted, it’s a mess though!

I don’t understand what it is exactly you want to use the photos for. But feel free to use mine.

Use mine as well, no problem with it :slight_smile: