Hey. Smoothie/Simplify3D users, who have in the past run into the S3D issue.


Smoothie/Simplify3D users, who have in the past run into the S3D issue.
Would you mind updating S3D, and tell us if it’s better now ?


S3D FINALLY did something about it ( I hope ).


Good to know

I’m smoothying ( if thats the correct term) my life lately. Don’t ever want to deal with something else

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty \o/
I use “smoothiefying”, but I’m not sure it’s correct. “Smoothing” is for “making smooth”, but I don’t know the word for “making smoothie”.

Ouch. Check for update > “Your software is up to date.” Tell me about it. Thanks for this post. I will test it.

Same as @Ondrej_Pistek here. Running on 3.0.2 with no update available…

I agree with Arthur. You are smoothiefying, while the board is smoothying (doing its own thing), and it is also smoothing your motion.

“Smoothiefy your life”
I like it :slight_smile:

Just got email from S3D with 3.1 update

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty me too, probably like everyone. But I found just right now, that both versions are instaled in computer after update. So I was using old one and didn’t notice :smiley: Realy weird way how to make update.

Please excuse me from my own ignorance but I am looking at moving to smoothie board and currently use S3d, can someone point me to the issue you guys are talking about?

And also what are these mentioned gcode scrubbers used for?


@Jared_Roy http://smoothieware.org/simplify3d

@Arthur_Wolf That was fast. Thank you!

The number of removed lines has been dramatically reduced but not completely eliminated. I’m about to run my first test with a complicated part through the machine. I’ll let you know how it goes.