Hey ppl,ihave been off for a while.

Hey ppl,ihave been off for a while. Can you suggest 3d printer mainbord? I have rambo,is there better mbo-s atm?

3D Printer Board New UI Thermocouple/Thermistor Lerdge Motherboard Set 32bit with 3.5inch TFT Touch Screen
(from AliExpress Android)

Closed software but very interesting.

Yes anything goes wrong and you will be left in the dark without tech/community support. The advantage of a open source board is the community and developer backing . Besides you can take a stab at fixing it yourself

Very true, this is much cheaper. And not much to go wrong.

did you look at smoothie or duet?

First it depends, where you buy the mobos. There are a lot of cheap and very bad asian sources. Why bad? Because they use poor quality and under rated parts which is the main cause for melted connectors, fire and other problems.

AFAIK the Rambo ist good board as far as the CPU is enough.

There is also new generation of mobos based on 32 Bit ARM CPUs.

You can get a Smoothieboard (life-long guarantee, network on board etc.) which has a different approach to configuring it: everything is in one ini file on the SD card. So you do not need to compile anything. This makes it very easy to use.

I know that there are other boards like this.

Be warned: do not use anything from MKS.

Duet wifi is my ultimate favorite out rn.

Duet… hands down the best.

RAMBo is the best 8-bit board I know about. They can take very adverse environments and keep going, and he board is well-laid out and breaks out a good number of well-organized expansion pins. It’s a fine board and if your machine runs well, I’d honestly keep using it unless you really want to try something different.

The best board ecosystem I know about right now is the Duet. So far, it fulfilled my wish list and then some.

Panucatt.com you can get a smootheware based board, or a ramps replacent all while having the ability to plug in an lcd/microsd card.

I’d go with an Azteeg X5 GT with a mini Viki. You also get to choose what kind of stepper driver you want to use.http://Panucatt.com

Is there something missing with your RAMBO board that you are hoping to correct? Depending on the printer, 8-bit processors are still valid choices for printer boards.

32-bit boards like the Duet, Smoothie, and Azteeg X5 (technically smoothie based?) offer better performance for some printers and additional features for roughly the same price point as a quality 8-bit board.

i wonna try something new. what about chinese mks sbase 1.3? smoothie compatible board

@Kristijan_kolak stay away from them. Their boards aren’t built safely nor do they support the smoothie project. If you want Smoothieware, look at Cohesion 3D, Smoothieboard, or Panucatt

I would not go for the Panucatt option.
It seems to be a one man operation, and contacting the owner is a pain in the butt.
Tried the Re-arm board, twice, and all I got was magic smoke.
For the MKS option, it’s cheap, and if it works, fine, but don’t look surprised if it doesn’t. and you’re up shit creek without a peddle.
If you can spare the money, duet wifi.
Or radds.Less features, but seems to be a very sturdy solution.
And if you are not in a hurry (giggle) , Smoothieboard V2, which should become the next best thing when it (if ever) comes out.
And there is also the cohesion3d option by @raykholo ., probably with the best support imaginable.

2nd for C3D. Ray is very active on his/this community.