Hey. Need some feedback. GBRL 0.9i Ply on bottom, pine on top.

Hey. Need some feedback.

GBRL 0.9i
Ply on bottom, pine on top.
Using a 2.5W Benbox on LW3 with the ‘jumper changed’
Gcode seems fine with changing power and speed rates.

Appears that the 20% doesn’t come on at all, 30% is missing lines (?) and what lines are there all seem the same burn depth but the vertical that are smeared.

Any obvious mistakes? What do you need to know to help me out

The Benbox Lasers have a constant current laser driver on top of the laser. They are not ment to be pulsed by pwm. Even worst, if you pwm them, the blower will not cool the laser!
You need to replace the driver with something like this: http://s.aliexpress.com/bqeMNbee

+Peter van der Walt Thanks, didn’t know update was available. Upgrade completed.

@cprezzi for the link -> a big thank you.

@cprezzi could you confirm that I would connect from the arduino board to the TTL on the driver? Also I found this (http://www.vicious1.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/MPCNC-laser-add-on-walk-through-Rev2.0.pdf), will I need to calibrate as described?

Yes, TTL is the input signal of the driver and needs to be connected to the arduino board. The driver board in the documentation you found is similar to the one in my link. You can connect it equaliy.
The voltage and current settings for calibration is dependant to the laser diode you have. Measure the voltage between the laser diode pins (when laser is on) before you start changing anything. This is the voltage you should set when calibrating.
Also Measure the current before changes (with laser on full power) to know the max. current for calibration.

But be CAREFUL during mesurement: wear your safety goggles and don’t burn your house down :wink:

PS: You need to remove the old driver board from the laser module.

@cprezzi https://plus.google.com/+LazarusLong/posts/SFWhqp3Vgw7

does this help? Is the driver board on the laser (pic2) or under the arduino? getting confused now…

The laser driver on the Banggood models (excluding the one with the external TTL driver) are inside the heatsink under the round board in the second picture of that post.

On my Banggood Laser the Driver Board is on top of the laser. I don’t know the ones with internal round drivers. But for sure it is not under the arduino. There is only a MOSFET on the Eleks Board.

Sounds like you have the 5.5W laser module then. And yes, that one has an external driver, I don’t think it has the TTL input on it though and is basically the same as the ones with the driver inside the heatsink.