Hey, in case this helps anyone,

Hey, in case this helps anyone, I’ve pushed the source for my LED jacket to github. It uses FastLED 2.1 w/ adapted Daniel’s GridMapping, Mark’s power conservation and Fire2014, etc. There are several basic effects including a cool plasma effect offered by Robert. This community has been incredibly helpful for getting this up and running and I can’t say enough good things about the FastLED library, especially the bonuses you’ve added in 2.1.

It’s not done, I don’t leave for the burn until Friday :slight_smile: But I’m pushing it out there because it has an implementation of effect transition/blend & I saw a couple recent questions about that…

Unfortunately you probably won’t be able to just plug & play my code without creating a mapping for your own LED structure. My jacket is set up a little differently than others, I’m using LED strands rather than strips and as a result the LEDs are not all placed at regular intervals. The GridMapping code in effect.h and grids.h helps map the uneven (X,Y)s of the LEDs to an effect that thinks it’s being run on a regular matrix.

I don’t know why it decided to use my avatar as the picture of my github repo? hmm

+1 for open source! Would be cool to have a wiki page of open source examples (and what they look like). I plan to open source mine post-burn mostly because I’m still in a mad rush to finish at the moment