Hey I'm working on an led display project involving just under 4000 LEDs per

(Lucas Morgan) #1

Hey I’m working on an led display project involving just under 4000 LEDs per microcontroller (teensy 3.1) receiving data over serial/USB.

I’m hitting a bottleneck with how fast the computer can push out data, anyone know of better solutions that can push that much pixel data out at 30fps +?

(Daniel Garcia) #2

If you are just using the microcontroller as a frame buffer for the LEDs - I highly recommend looking into Fadecandy - among other things, Micah’s done a lot of work to optimize the living hell out of USB transfers to get fantastic data rates - http://scanlime.org/fadecandy

(Lucas Morgan) #3

Essentially, yeah. Using that would remove the need for a teensy or other arduino based MC all together right?

(Daniel Garcia) #4

Pretty much (though, the Fadecandy board is, at it’s heart, a Teensy 3.0 - just running custom firmware and with hardware on the board that’s useful for WS2812’s).

Oh - I suppose that’s the other question - what kind of LEDs are you working with - Fadecandy only supports the WS2811/WS2812/WS2812B/NeoPixel leds

(Jon Burroughs) #5

+2 for working with 4,000 leds!

(Lucas Morgan) #6

That’s awesome, sounds like it may be perfect for what I need then. I may have to reconfigure things a bit since right now it’s 8 panels to a Teensy, and from the looks of it a fadecandy can handle up to 512 pixels? May make sense to use 1 fadeCandy per panel.

Yes! It’s a work in progress, plan to have it ready for use by the new year. This is the project: