Hey, I am wondering if its possible to make 1 long strip into 4

Hey, I am wondering if its possible to make 1 long strip into 4 sections for a room. I know that I could just take the data pin from each strip and add it in, but is there a way to make 1 strip thats 144 leds into copying the pattern into sections of 36 pixels? so 144/4 vice versa if I had say 300 leds into 75 led segements

Have a look at this documentation…

I think you are asking for what is described as ‘mirroring’ of strips .

I have read about mirroring, but I was wondering if there was a way to do it on a single led strip from a single pin, instead of wiring the data pin from all the led strips to individual pin inputs. If I do have to do it from each data line on each strip, How long can a wire be run for data where it doesn’t lose its output I guess. Would I need an amplifier for each line if its over a certain distance of wire?

You need to create several arrays of several LEDs within the code. Something like ledarray[4strips][20Leds]{}

I found with some experimenting that the data line can be surprisingly long, many meters and still data did not get corrupted. However, I never tried using a single pin output with multiple wires going to multiple strips with varying lengths. Also, although data wiring can be long, long power lines (+5V and GND) may be a problem. The LEDs may not work well if the 5V drops to below 4.5V so you may have to use very large power wiring or locally supplied power !?

But that should be quite simple to test out ! Just layout some long wires, the length you are planning to use in your actual setup and test how they behave. You may find that you do not require any ‘amplification’… Good luck !

If you are wanting to have everything wired as 1 continuous strip you will want to look into using https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/RGBSet-Reference I use this for all of my projects and it makes things a lot easier.