Hey ho I try to display text on my matrix.

Hey ho

I try to display text on my matrix. I have already fastled and fastled matrix running. But now I try to find an elegant way to display and scroll text like the adafruit solution.

Any ideas and/or links that could help me?

Try out these libraries that use FastLED:


Finally I had the time to check the links. The LEDtext was exactly what I was looking http://for.thanks!

Do you, or somebody else here , maybe know if there is a fire animation already somewhere out there for a matrix panel? I have the impression that it maybe easier to write a new one instead of adapting the Fire2012 example (which is obviously for stripes only).

Btw, I’m asking you directly because I’ve seen the fire animation for smartmatrix on your profile. But I don’t want to use both systems at the same time (memory issues). So I had the hope you have seen something similar for LEDmatrix. :grin:


Try Jason’s Torch animation:

Thanks,I’ll check it this evening. It’s also nice that there seems to be a spectrum analyzer included. Which is also one thing I need. But till today I had the plan to write my own.