Hey guys, with Google+ shutting down,

(Anthony Bolgar) #1

Hey guys, with Google+ shutting down, I have created a Makers forum that I am covering the cost of hosting. It is a free site for makers to get together and discuss things. It is built on the discourse forum app, which is sleek and modern. I have created a CNC router area, with an OX category, so please come and check it out.

EDIT: the forum is now at https://forum.makerforums.info

(Dale Maxim) #2

I signed up on the site with a welcome message.

(James Rivera) #3

Your site has an overly long name and no SSL certificate. I suppose there isn’t much to be done about the name (since it seems you’ve built your business around it), but the cert is relatively easy. I recommend this (I’ve used it) for a free SSL cert:

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

@James_Rivera Thanks for that. I never knew that there was a free way of doing it. Thanks a bundle.

(Anthony Bolgar) #5

@James_Rivera All fixed and now SSL. Thank you again for the link.

(Anthony Bolgar) #6

@James_Rivera forum is now at https://forum.makerforums.info
The G+ K40 community has adopted it as its new home as well.

(James Rivera) #7

@funinthefalls Dangit. I can’t activate the account I just created (SirGeekALot). EDIT: looks like a site problem. I get a “502 bad gateway” error just trying to get to the root site. Hmmm, I’m getting a DNS error now.

(Anthony Bolgar) #8

I was messing with the mail server. Try logging in again, it will prompt you to resend the activation email.

(James Rivera) #9

@funinthefalls It’s fine now. I’m activated.

(Anthony Bolgar) #10

Ya, I figured out how to activate you from my console. Still learning Discourse.

(James Rivera) #11

Error trying to visit the site: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

(James Rivera) #12

I see the problem. Please fix your post link above. It should be:


(James Rivera) #13

Which word is plural is important. :wink:

(Michael K Johnson) #14

I plan to archive the whole history of this community (except for any videos posted directly to G+) as at least a static archive, and with some luck and hard work, also import it into http://forum.makerforums.info so that the discussion can continue. I’d suggest moving all new discussion topics to makerforums and hope for me to succeed writing the import tool. :slight_smile: