Hey guys, who wants a $400 z-axis with a bucket and flashy led lights? 

Hey guys, who wants a $400 z-axis with a bucket and flashy led lights?

I dunno, that’s a REALLY nice Z axis and bucket!

But it’s… easy to use, and cost effective at the same time! I mean, now I think about it that is obviously how we should make 3D printers. This approach of being easy to use and cost effective AT THE SAME TIME is such an original idea.

I wonder why no other kickstarters for 3D printers have ever marketed themselves as easy to use and cheap before. Such innovation. Very Print.

But there’s so much research that has gone into this!
Which makes me think, most of us already have pretty nice z-axes sitting around. If we attach a platform to our printers’ x-carriages and put a bucket on the print bed, it’s the exact same thing as this, right?

I love how this thing can fit in your pocket. @Sanjay_Mortimer you should rename your hotend and call it an Affordable Pocket 3D Printer.

@Thomas_Sanladerer no that would not be the same at all.

This excellent machine has been carefully engineered and tested by experts.

Furthermore it would not fit in your pocket. I often find myself looking at my printer on my desk and thinking “If only I could pick up this machine and put it in my pocket”. That would be an excellent feature for a 3D printer. Sometimes I’m standing in the queue at the starbucks and find myself wanting to setup my bucket of resin on the counter and spend a few hours waiting to print a spoon to stir my coffee with. Obviously a resin printer you can put in your pocket is an excellent and useful feature that you have overlooked.

I bet your 3D printer doesn’t even have blue LED underlighting. Pathetic.

You guys crack me up