Hey guys, what do you think about this suspiciously cheap 3D printer? I believe,

Hey guys, what do you think about this suspiciously cheap 3D printer?

I believe, this could be “My First 3DPrinter”. To get to know the basics of 3D printing.


I’d like to start 3D-printing, too. But I’m sceptical about pearl :wink: (Have seen the Product yesterday)

I’m looking for this 3 Printers atm.

Solidoodle (Pro Model $599)

MakeMendel (699$)

PrintRBot SIMPLE (299$)
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I have checked the company FreeSculpt at http://www.freesculpt.de but it seems that they are relatively new.

The Organisation has been created in June, 2013, represented by PEARL itself. http://trademark.markify.com/trademarks/ctm/3d+freesculpt/011871662

I know Pearl as a good Mail Order company. Their service is okay. Not brilliant, but okay.

I would guess it was mass produced in China for the general consumer, don’t expect professional quality anywhere. There’s no community, no FAQ no manual no nothing, even if the machine is good I wouldn’t risk it. Notice that the most expensive model includes a 3D scanner.

Do you just want to print stuff or do you want to understand the machine? Both are valid approaches.

I seriously looked at Lulzbot.com. Not cheap but robust and fully featured out of the box. I went with RepRapPro.com tricolour mendel instead for the experience of building the machine. Open source / Open hardware a solid machine, very flexible and great prints but you do have to put a lot of work in.

I am definitely a consumer with the technical twist. I like to experience things like 3D Printing first hand, but I have no capability of building something. We say “To have two left hands”.

Makibox for cheap well engineered, FreeSculpt is only a Reseller Btw

I can’t even load the link… :confused: Doesn’t look promising.