Hey guys, We looked into 3D printing's viability for miniature gaming.

Hey guys,
We looked into 3D printing’s viability for miniature gaming. This is going to be the future of producing one-off miniatures really soon. Thanks @Nils_Hitze for helping us out with this one!

Very cool, this is one area I’m also strongly considering getting into for my 3D print shop

Quite cool indeed, but I don’t think fused filament machines are the best way to go about tabletop models. The form1 and other photo-resin machines have much higher tolerances but weaker plastic, which seems like a wise trade off here. They also have smoother surface finishes to speed up post processing.

Or even the Mcor machine I posted a while ago. It does full RGB color on models (and even inside them if you wanted to make them breakable I guess) but builds them out of glued paper. It has tolerances at least as good as reprap machines, but I don’t know if it matches form1’s process.

I’ve always seen my reprap as more of a universal connector than an art printing machine. It’s fantastic for having an ugly part to do an obscure job in an hour. Not so great for scale models and stuff IMO.

@Nick_Parker well - the Form1 is still not shipped afaik - so B9 Creator or MII or you could use FDM, Aceton Smoothing and then Molding