Hey guys thanks for the add.

Hey guys thanks for the add. Im currently on the planning portion of building a Herculien. This will be my 4th printer assembly (currently have a 3ft Kossel). I’m a little hesitant on printing the parts my self as my current printer dimensional accuracy is not that great and ABS warping is a problem since there’s no enclosure. Would anyone be able to point me to a place to get the printed parts or perhaps give me a price and print them for me?
Thanks in advanced

You can join the list of print it forward program. If you show a pix of your already purchased parts for the build, I think @Eclsnowman ​ can be persuaded to front you the abs parts if you would print the same set for someone else once your printer is complete.

Cool good to know thank you! One less thanking to worry about

I would love to. But a full set takes around 1 week of printing and prep. I use my printer for work mostly, on won’t have an opportunity for a while.

Either https://www.3dhubs.com or http://www.makexyz.com might be an option, if one of them has a 3D printer near you. (Disclaimer: I have an account on 3DHubs but I have not actually used either one).

You can potentially get one set made by shapeways I suppose.

about how long are we talking @Eclsnowman

@Derek_Schuetz I probably have a month of work lined up. Most work prints take multiple days because I run it slow to avoid issues. Nothing is worst than loosing a print to impatience that took multiple days and spools to create. I wish I could post pics of them, but it is customers prototype I.P., so no sense catching the rather of corporate lawyers for bragging rights.

@Dat_Chu Yikes! Shapeways would be expensive!

I wish I could print it for you Derek. I am still in the process of building mine. And I need to get a vapor thingibabob working.

Vapor thingibabbob?

ABS Vapor smoothing.

@Derek_Schuetz ​ what is your timeline?

Honestly if I can know I can secure the printed parts I can purchase everything. I already have set up my PO with misumi and have my McMaster cart saved. Everything else is from several websites but I can get started on the frame assembly. And then Start squiring motors and electronics

Spoke with Derek offline, he’s shipping me some filament and I’ll be printing his parts for him.

This community is awesome.

@Daniel_Salinas you are going to have everything dialed in printing your set that by the time you start printing his you might get jealous :wink: That’s what happened on the set I made for “print it forward”. I almost hated to part with them :slight_smile:

@Eclsnowman yeah about midway through my prints I got my steps per mm dialed in so sweetly I’m tempted to go back and reprint the first half of my parts :slight_smile: Since I’m gonna be taking this really slow and doing pics for a build manual I can use the first run parts for those but by the time I get ready to build the thing I bet I will have already reprinted them.

For me the big challenge is the tall parts. Really just the corner brackets. they’re so big and my printer isn’t enclosed so I kept getting delamination issues. I think I’ve got that all sorted. If not I’ll just do like we talked about and put a box around the printer to print those.

My best solution for that was to coat the bed with a nice thick layer of abs slurry. That’s how I printed all my Kossel parts