hey guys someone has the same issue?

(Daniel Riedel) #1

hey guys someone has the same issue?
I am trying to show a bitmap picture on my APA102 LED Strip.
I convert the bitmap to an array and every thing runs fine.
But at the moment i insert the code for the LEDs

FastLED.addLeds<APA102, 6, 52, BGR>(leds, NUM_LEDS);

just like this.
the values in my array are all 255??

(Chris Parton) #2

Do you mean the contents of the array are 255, or the LEDs are showing at full brightness?

Assuming you’re using an Arduino Mega, Pin 52 is connected to the ICSP header, so it could be screwing with things. Try a different pin?

(Daniel Riedel) #3

@Chris_Parton the content of the Array is 255.
i have already tried other Pins…
Nothilfe changes

(Chris Parton) #4

@Daniel_Riedel can you please share your code with us as a Github Gist?