Hey guys So since I know this community is Most likely to use azteeg

Hey guys

So since I know this community is Most likely to use azteeg x5 mini does anyone have any idea how to get a reprap discount controllers sdcard slot to work on it. I have the display fully working and it recognizes when I inserted a card but it never shows any data on he card just blank

I don’t know about azteeg but you can use RAMPS with that LCD controller. For sure you are using a .gcode format with a .gcode file extension?

@Ted_Huntington ya it worked on my ramps board fine

Check with the folks @ Smoothieware.

Already tried that still waiting on a reply he just linked me to the smoothie guide which tells me nothing

I seem to recall them saying once that using the smart controller’s slot would conflict with the on-board slot. You might have to settle for one or the other.

YOu have the SD pins lines in your config and are they wired in the right place ?
There’s a guide for the x5 mini 1.1. You don’t need the adapter but this page shows your where is what: http://smoothieware.org/panel#toc8

@Jeff_DeMaagd f I’m what I can tell it works Roy from panucatt sent me something also but I can’t decipher it.

@Maxime_Favre I can’t find a breakdown of the adapter if I could then I could just follow the pins like I did for the 1.0 guide but the 1.0 guide leaves out the SD card

I’ll send some pix and my config setting once I get home. That’s if someone doesn’t provide it by then.

Are you using a GLCD shield?

Also, how did you format you SD card?

@Matt_Wils No shield Just wires to pins. There’s 2 pins I can’t use that I’m using for my laser pwm control and laser fire

@Matt_Wils format? I just am using the same card from my ramps that worked with the same fikes

Are you on a MAC/PC/Linux? Format your SD to Fat32

@Matt_Wils PC and I have never heard of Fat32

Which 2 Pins are you using for PWM and Fire? Example 2.4 etc. Check your config or post your config setting on this forum.

@Matt_Wils I could also not have all the wires I need hooked up from the LCD I tried everyone to a pin and nothing worked

Have you test fired your setup?