Hey guys so I am trying to print something that needs to have a

(Griffin Paquette) #1

Hey guys so I am trying to print something that needs to have a really smooth bottom/first layer. My thought was to use a little more extrusion on the first layer So that all the gaps are filled in. Is this the proper way to get what I need or what else should I do? Thanks.

(Eric Lien) #2

Also bumping up the bed temp for the first few layers so they flow a little as the proceeding layer lay down onto them.

But this and over extrusion can cause (for lack of a better term) “Muffin-Bottom”.

(Tim Sills) #3

I’ve printed at 150-200% on the first layer and it gives a pretty smooth bottom. But like @Eclsnowman mentioned, too much and that first layer will be noticeably wider. It can be especially evident on squared off objects like an iPhone case.

(Don Grunloh) #4

Moving the nozzle closer and printing on heated glass has worked the best for me. Like others say you will end up with a fat bottom.

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #5

To get glassy flat bottoms, print on glass with a very small amount of UHU glue. Heat bed to 60 PLA, 110 for ABS then print. Crazy smooth prints.

As the others said, increase first layer percentage. You shouldnt have to change your hardware setup unless you are already printing lifted.