Hey guys - Quick questions on color palettes...

Hey guys -

Quick questions on color palettes… I know that its possible (easy? not so sure, I’ve tried with varying degrees of non success) to define custom palettes, and there are tools like paletteknife (which I haven’t used)… but was wondering if some of you guys have a couple of favorite palettes you wouldn’t mind sharing? I think I’ve rainbow and rainbow striped myself to death. I’m really on the hunt for a good pastel palette - need to soften up my vibe.


http://fastled.io/docs/3.1/colorpalettes_8h_source.html (yeah, not easy to find)

http://fastled.io/docs/3.1/colorpalettes_8cpp_source.html is a better link

@Marc_MERLIN thanks Marc - I do know clouds and forest and lava… clouds is my second go to after rainbow, though there’s a lot of white in both clouds and lava, so they tend to be battery drainers. Are those several the only predefined palettes in the library?

Likely answer is I should prob just keep playing with custom palettes until i figure out how to create ones I like. Probably by learning how to think in HSV more. So far everything I’ve tried to make myself turns out either to be bad or just ends up being a rainbow!

Check out palette knife some more. Lots of good stuff ready to grab and use. Erin St Blaine made nice demo video on adding them to your project.

Also have you seen this page? Try experimenting with this too.

Then you can add some specific colors you’re interested in.