Hey guys, My ABS filament has gotten too hydrated after a few months in

Hey guys,

My ABS filament has gotten too hydrated after a few months in the garage. I can fix that by just putting it in the oven at 80 degrees for a few hours, right?
Also, any storage tips to prevent/slow this from happening again?

I use regular 5 gallons bucket, omega lids and eva dry.

80C is probably pushing the limit. Really you want around 65-70C.

Storing it in a desiccant for a while would also help

@Jean-Francois_Talbot Oh wow that DOES sound like a good solution! I had never heard of eva dry! And thanks for the temperature advice Mike, I’ll start with 65. Any idea how long that would take?

Also, the main oven I have access to is old and finicky and sometimes overshoots the temperature, so would it be a good idea to let it get up to temperature, and then double check that it is 65 with a thermometer before putting the filament it?

I bought a dehydrator from a thrift store for like 8 bucks and cut out some of the inside rings for dehydrating filament.

I’d say a few hours would be good but I’m not sure exactly how long is needed. Can’t really do it too long if the temperature is stable enough.

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make OOh, the food dehydrator is an interesting idea, but I don’t have any stores around that would sell anything like that, and on amazon they seem to start at $30. Probably ought to start with the oven and the fancy sealing bucket + eva dry, and then buy a dehydrator only if I keep needing to do the oven again.

50c for 3.5 hours has worked well for me on full reels of ABS, PLA and Nylon. For storage I use large press seal bags with a pack of silica gel desiccant in the bottom.

+Eric l. I have 4 buckets like that, and humidity level in them is 15%. Those Eva dry do I work nicely and when full, you simply plug them in to heat them and reuse them.

Be careful of the spool it’s on. In my experience, they tend to be made out of low temperature plastics.