Hey guys long time since Ive been here..

Hey guys long time since Ive been here… Getting back to electronics I have stumbled on the coolness that is esp8266

I wired some some ws2812b’s i had laying around 5v power and the data pin to an esp12 and ran the blink sketch. Well I got some wierd timing issues useing 2 leds. it would work right the first loop 1on 1off but the next loop it would do 1on 1on instead of 1off 1on… am i missing something to be able to control these leds from the esp… and another quick question how many could i control?

Show yo code :slight_smile:

Its just the blink example on off nothing special. I was using an older version of the library so I’ll try with a fresh install. And will post code when I’m back at my PC

The blink is designed for 1 led, so gow are you adapting for 2 leds is what i mean.