Hey guys, just thought we'd let you know that if you missed out on

Hey guys, just thought we’d let you know that if you missed out on the kits when we first launched, we added 100 more kits (half of them already gone)… won’t be too long before all of them are gone!


Maybe I’m missing something, but

a) Your printer does not seem to be open source, at least there is no mention of it in your Kickstarter page
b) One of your graphics specifies “we don’t believe in making 3D printers out of printed parts”.

So clearly your 3D printer, although nice, is not a RepRap, so how can this post not be considered as spam here? You already posted in the 3D printing community, posting here in the RepRap community is bad form IMO.

I’m waiting for your response before reporting this as spam.

Hi Normand,

I did not intend this to be as spam at all. We had a few people ask from this group before if we were offering kits again.

We are going to fully open source our printer once our last kickstarter reward is shipped.

If you are strongly against me posting here, I have no problem in deleting this post.


I’m not a moderator here, that’s not for me to decide. If you’re going to open source your printer, that would have been a good thing to mention it on your Kickstarter.