Hey guys! Just signed up here after Tim invited me.

Hey guys!

Just signed up here after Tim invited me. I’m considering getting my first 3D printer am considering all my options. I’ve never designed my own machine from scratch, but I was able to buy and assemble my current computer as well as assemble my own furniture, so I’m pretty good at fitting things together.
I was debating between a Da Vinci and a Printrbot Simple, but after looking up the designs here I think the Eustathios looks very impressive (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aucE49ZBXx0), and may be a good mix between everything that I wanted out of a printer.
So what would I need to do to build one? Can the parts be ordered online (transportations an issue for me right now)? Is there any guide that would give me an idea where all the parts go? And about how much do you think it would cost me overall?

Thanks guys, I look forward to talking with you all :wink:

Mostly complete BOM here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Am629YCI5h_wdHkxa1gyajBrak5LbDVwejFldXFORUE&usp=sharing

My solidworks rendition of it is here: https://github.com/eclsnowman/Lien3D_Eustathios_Spider?files=1

I plan on doing a full set of prints and build details but I have actually taken on some projects recently that are taking up a great deal of my time.

Thanks! Is there any way to open these without Solidworks?

Whoa, and to be clear, according to the BOM this would wind up costing about $850 in parts alone right?

What @Ashley_Webster said. Tbh, if you want a cheapish bot with good build instructions, I’d go for a mendel90 or failing that a prusa i3. The Ingentis for factor provides a number of critical advantages from a speed and quality perspective but the downside is a higher cost for materials. Eric’s BOM is a little pricey though, the azteeg board, leadscrews etc do push the price up. With a quality ramps board and my original belt driven Z axis, you could shave $100 of easily.

@Eric_I , here is the build guide for the mendel90. https://github.com/nophead/Mendel90/blob/master/dibond/manual/Mendel90_Dibond.pdf
The mendel 90 kit can be bought direct from @nophead for 499 pounds plus tax and shipping. His email is nop.head@gmail.com

@Tim_Rastall I have not heard of a person yet who dislikes their mendel90. And there seems to be lots of people with mendel90 work horses out there printing 24/7. Not sure Why I forgot to mention it.

Also, as a side note, how are you guys getting your hands on Solidworks for home use?
I’ve looked into it before, but I thought it could only be used by full blown companies or, in a very diminished capacity, a student version.

@Eclsnowman I have a Prusa i3/Mendel 90 hybrid that I built. Love it but with the heavy bed and tiny build to footprint ratio it is really inefficient.

yeah, while I’m still thinking about things, I am starting to lean more and more towards the Da Vinci. Joining this community has shown me that the Printrbot Simple kit is only scratching the surface of the builder’s fun that can be had with 3D printers. The Eustathios looks like a great printer with a great building experience, but frankly I don’t think I have the time, experience, or the money to complete that right now, as the Da Vinci was already pushing my budget.

So I’m thinking that the Da Vinci is probably my best bet, as it should have me up and running within about a week. I’m finding plenty of hacks to jail-break it and train it to be very high-level raptier rep rap, so that should be an option if the closed-box system gets on my nerves. It will also give me the opportunity to test out 3D printing and see how much I even like it before spending dozens of man-hours assembling one.

And then, if in a year or two I’m still in love with 3D printing and I have the time, money, and tools, maybe I’ll be able to come back and build a 2nd printer and go all the way this time. I can’t wait to see the designs you guys will have cooked up by then :wink:

Anyone got any thoughts on my plan before I place my order?

@Eric_LeFort glad to hear you are interested in the Ingentis & Eustathios family. One thing to remember is the Ingentis design is Tim’s and the mods/redesign into Eustathios is Jason’s. I am just learning solidworks so remodeled the entire sketchup assembly from Jason’s github into solidworks. I am not the inventor… Just an apprentice drafter.

But I am very active on G+ so people give me undeserved credit.

@Eric_LeFort thanks. I do feel I made a pretty nice model… But I don’t want to anger the printing gods with false claims of genius. If I do they shall rain down plagues of extruder jams and electronics gremlins upon me. :wink:

Thanks for the clarification Eric (both of you :P), but what version of Solidworks are you guys using? It looks like some amazing software and I’d love to own my own copy too, but was never sure how…

I am using solidworks 2014. But I can export out into lots of formats. On my Github there is .Step, Sketchup, Creo. Spaceclaim, and 3DPDF.

Oh, well that would help, but more specifically I’m wondering how I could get my hands on my own copy of solidworks to use with my projects. Anyone know?

@Eric_I there are two ways. Pay for it… Or pirate it. Let your concience be your guide.

(Deleted cause comment may have been insulting when I didn’t mean for it to be, sorry for any offense, I’ll try to be more careful :C)

@Eric_I not cool :confused: