Hey guys! Is there any known way to extract all posts and comments I

(Stefan Petrick) #1

Hey guys! Is there any known way to extract all posts and comments I ever wrote on G+? I wonder because often the good stuff was somewhere deep in the comments like some quickly posted anonymous gists showing a coding detail.

I have to admit that I lost nearly all of the FastLED animation code I ever wrote. Most of it I have kind of in my head - but for sure not all. All the interesting code fragments I showed somewhere here. So it would be really cool if there would be a way to export it without manually browsing through 5+ years of FastLED community history.

Thanks for any hint!

(Jason Coon) #2

Hey Stefan! Yes, there is: https://support.google.com/plus/answer/1045788?hl=en

I’ve tried it myself. You can export in HTML or JSON format, and you can do it multiple times choosing a different format each time. It error’d on a few comments, but exported like 5GB of data, images, and video. I’m going to try to host it somewhere cheap or free in a viewable and searchable way.

(Marc Miller) #3

Interesting, I think I’ll give it a try.

(Stefan “stelb” Le Breton) #4

Takeout allow only communities where you are admin :confused:

(Jason Coon) #5

Should be able to takeout your own posts, +1s, etc. We’ll get everything backed up and archived though.

(Marc Miller) #6

Thank you Jason

(Stefan Petrick) #7

Thanks Jason!

(Leon Yuhanov) #8

@Stefan_Petrick I just used this, works relatively well. Spat out all my posts here with all the links and replies! Super handy! Thanks @Jason_Coon

(варешяф рйезот) #9

@Stefan_Petrick you say, that your programming skills are low. My are lower 10x times )) All we need - it is interest to leds )
Look for next two links and may be this can helps you to find new ways to improve your experience or for finding new interesting algorithms