Hey guys, I'm working on some RC development and wanted some advice.

(Herpy Derp) #1

Hey guys, I’m working on some RC development and wanted some advice.
Which rull rotation motors do you recommend for use in a Quadcopter? All the servos I’ve researched have been what i’m looking for, but I don’t think they have the speed to get any lift from the propellers. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

(Tom Nardi) #2

You certainly wouldn’t use servos to try and drive propellers, you need motors and speed controllers.

There are many options for motors and ESCs though, so you’d need to clarify a bit. How big is the quad going to be, how large do you want the propellers, how much does it need to lift, etc, etc.

(Herpy Derp) #3

The quad is going to be relatively small with a light frame, so the load shouldn’t be too strenuous. But as this is my first project on it, do you have any recommendations?

(Peter) #4

for a beginner project i would recommend using ZMR250 frame, Motor: DYS 1806, ESC any 12A is fine (eg. Blues Series form hobbyking)