Hey guys I'm working a project to start a recycling program for ABS and

Hey guys I’m working a project to start a recycling program for ABS and PLA plastics. Basically what I want to set up is a way for you guys to send your scrap plastic like failed prints and what not to me and I will recycle it back into filament for a very small price to cover electricity costs. What do you think? Let me know if your interested. I am going to a Kickstarter for it.

What exactly are going to kickstart? Our hacker space is finishing up a filastruder. But a cheap plastic grinder is on the wish list! Well…other than the old tried and true method of throwing bad prints in a cooler with dry ice…then once brittle, into a blender to make pellet size chips for the struder.

Good idea

I’ll make the same point I make every time: Virgin pellets are a) easier to work with b) get you more consistent result than ground up prints and c) are probably cheaper and more eco-friendly than shipping scraps around. ChiMei 747 or 747S, which are good blends for filament, cost about $4 per kg.

I would be adding virgin pellets to the mix with the scrap plastic too. I am looking into an industrial granulator to grind up the old plastic.